Conditions of Disaster Victims

Following the events of World War II, the world was in need of a body to regulate competing interests. The League of Nations had failed in its quest to stop the conflict, and with the turmoil that remained in the wake of the war, the leaders of the world’s nations came together to form the United Nations, holding its first session in January of 1946. SOCHUM became one of the principal bodies of the United Nations, responsible for maintaining world peace through collective security. It is one of the six General Assemblies, and with all 193 members of the UN in attendance, the range of ideas that present at SOCHUM is quite extensive, offering an in-depth look at how international affairs work in relation to the peace-making process. The mandate of SOCHUM can range from the advancement of women to crime prevention and criminal justice, allowing the committee to have a major say in every notable conflict since the creation of the UN. 
As a beginner committee, SOCHUM at LGMUN 2019 welcomes new delegates that wish to train their debating and public speaking skills. Position papers are recommended. However, delegates who wish to be considered for awards must submit their position paper by Nov. 18th, 2019, at 23:59 PST.  
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Kelly Ma
Currently entering her final year at Little Flower Academy, Kelly is delighted to direct for LGMUN 2019. After delegating as the Russian Federation at her first conference in 2017, Kelly has developed a passion for intense debate, global diplomacy, and heated delegate on delegate arguments. Her biggest achievement to date is the successful launch of her own brand. Outside of committee you can find her struggling to obtain platinum in League of Legends, prompting her merch on Instagram, or playing hot n’ noisy mahjong with seniors in Chinatown. Kelly has delegated at over 8 conferences ranging from Vancouver to Tokyo, and is determined to use her experience to provide an unforgettable conference for her delegates. 
Michael Wang
Shirley Zhong
Assistant Director
Shirley Zhong is a junior student at Richmond Secondary School in the IB Programme and is elated to serve as the Assistant Director for LGMUN 2019. When Shirley attended her first conference, nervous and scared, she was fascinated to hear all the various opinions. Model UN has widened her horizon, kept her tract with current issues, brought her long-lasting friendships, and taught her many practical soft skills that helped to shape her today. Aside from attending Model UN, Shirley is often found in the library working on IB assignments, guiding tours at a local museum, and using spare time to watch Chinese dramas and Japanese anime. She believes that no matter how bad things had gone, everything will be back to normal after a good meal, even better with matcha desserts. Shirley is thrilled to meet you all in LGMUN.