The Secretariat Team
Jason Chen
| Secretary General
Jason Chen is a junior student at Collingwood School. Gaining his passion for Model United Nations at his first conference in October 2017, he wishes to utilize his skill in leadership and experience in Model United Nations to create the best day conference experience in West Vancouver. Outside of working for LGMUN, he can be found taking part in various Debate tournaments and Business Case Competitions.
Jerry Zhang
| Director General
A rising senior at St. John’s School, Jerry is looking forward to serving as the Director General at LGMUN 2019. His passion for Model United Nations has always been one of the key highlights in his high-school years. This year, Jerry is excited to provide the best possible MUN experience for delegates by establishing a well-founded staff team. Other than MUN, Jerry is also an enthusiastic participant in debate and business competitions.
Emmalyn Tsang
| Chief of Staff

A junior at Mulgrave school, Emmalyn Tsang is a diligent student and accomplished public speaker, with experience from global academic tournaments like World’s Scholar’s Cup, speech competitions associated with DSABC and MUN conferences across Vancouver. An avid advocate for the environment, her friends describe her as a “treehugger,” spending her spare time volunteering for David Suzuki, and procrastinating with video games. Regardless, her passion and interest in international politics have prompted her to offer the best experience possible for LGMUN 2019.

Tianna Lawton
| USG of Committees
Tianna is a Grade 11 student at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver, BC. Her first ever conference was just last November, at the first iteration of Lion’s Gate Model United Nations. From her first time standing up to make a speech in the World Health Organization committee, Tianna was thrilled by the debate, negotiation, and inspired delegates within the world of Model United Nations. Outside of researching current world events or completing homework, Tianna can be found arguing with her peers about philosophical theories or political systems. Otherwise, she will be in the theatre rehearsing lines for the next school production. She is beyond honoured to serve as the USG of committees at LGMUN 2019.
Ash Alguneh
| USG of Marketing  Sponsorships
Ash Alguneh is a recently emeritus delegate after starting his Model UN career in the 7th grade. Hailing all the way from Houston Texas, now attending Collingwood, Ash developed his love for international relations over the years and through Model UN, honed his debate, public speaking, and diplomacy skills. Model UN to Ash has been a guiding light in his life. He recalls from a very early age his love for the idea of countries and their interaction with one another. Model UN has given Ash an outlet to express, expand on that passion, and meet incredible people like his sec team members. In his free time, one can see Ash reading the news, playing tennis, badminton, or passing a frisbee with his friends. Ash hopes that all delegates enjoy their time at LGMUN 2019!
Shawn Chen
| USG of Media and IT
Shawn is a senior at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary and is thrilled to serve as the USG of Media and IT for LGMUN 2019. Starting his MUN career not long ago, Shawn has been captivated by the dynamic and fast-paced committee sessions and has found his passion for debate and public speaking. LGMUN 2019 will be one of Shawn’s last conferences, as this will be the best closing for his sleep-deprived high school life. When not struggling with writing position papers or doing MUN work. Shawn can be found working on his IB and SAT exams tirelessly, praising the holy existence of bubble tea, and practicing dragon boating so that he can finish his CAS. Shawn looks forward to organizing an amazing conference and is excited to witness the spicy debates at LGMUN 2019.