Implications of Cryptocurrencies

on Global Financial Systems

The Economic and Financial Committee is the second committee of the 6 General Assembly committees. Since its inception in 1945, ECOFIN has grown to include all 193 member states in the UN. It deals with issues relating to economic growth and development such as sustainable development, human settlements, globalization and interdependence, and eradication of poverty. As a General Assembly, ECOFIN cannot mandate any of its resolutions because the committee wants to avoid the infringement of its member nations' sovereignties. With that being said, the participating states may choose to accept, reject, or modify any resolutions. However, many recommendations have largely reduced the financial stress of its recipients.
As a beginner committee, ECOFIN at LGMUN 2019 welcomes new delegates that wish to train their debating and public speaking skills. Position papers are recommended. However, delegates who wish to be considered for awards must submit their position paper by Nov. 18th, 2019, at 23:59 PST.  
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Nicholas Tuck
Nicholas Tuck is a grade 12 student at Collingwood school, and had his first encounter with MUN in September of 2017. By October 2017, Nicholas had already won the best delegate award at VYMUN in a general committee of over 85 people. He is now the president of the Collingwood MUN club and the co-captain of the Collingwood debate team. His desire to direct an ECOFIN committee stems from his deep interest in international trade and macroeconomics. Additionally, Nick is very enthusiastic and seems excited to be a part of LGMUN.
Angelina Qin
Angelina Qin is a Sophomore currently attending Collingwood school. Now on her third year of MUN and fourth year of debate, she is a leader in her local community and on the international level, acting as a volunteer coach and mentor for new and rising debaters. Over the last three years, Model UN allowed Angelina to learn and practice foreign policy and negotiating, as well as make friends from all over the globe. Acting as chair for ECOFIN, she has made it her goal and priority to make the debate fun, engaging and educational, while also encouraging open discussions from both experienced and new delegates. She looks forward to seeing you all on November 23!
Sourav Arora
Assistant Director
Sourav Arora is a grade 10 student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Programme at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School, and is excited to be serving as the Assistant Director of the ECOFIN committee at LGMUN’s second iteration. LGMUN 2018 was Sourav’s first-ever MUN conference and absolutely loved the interesting and lively debate it provided. Now, on what will be his 8th conference, Sourav hopes to provide the same experience for others. Aside from MUN, Sourav is the President of his school’s Chess Club, a member of the Abbotsford Youth Council, and can be found at debate tournaments or playing basketball with his friends. In his nonexistent free time, Sourav binge-watches Netflix and plays chess with friends. Sourav looks forward to making this conference a lasting memory for all and cannot wait to meet all of the delegates at LGMUN 2019!